Monday, August 3, 2015

Chic Clutch

Another Sew News Article

How many times have you purchased a dress or outfit for a special event, like a wedding or gala, and you need a small handbag to complete your ensemble.  You've already spent your limit on the outfit and don't want to go broke for a bag that you will probably use only a couple of times. Making one, at least for me, is a great alternative. It can be made to match your outfit perfectly and can save you a bucket of money.  

In the latest Aug/Sept issue of Sew News I have done just that. My article features step by step instructions for making a striking satin evening clutch with a large bow. Whether made in a solid or fancy print as shown in the article, the bag is the perfect accompaniment to any evening  or special occasion ensemble.

The bag is modeled after a designer bag I found on the internet. Though striking is was  priced well above what I would ever be willing to spend on any evening bag, so I opted to replicate it on my own. This one is not an exact copy of the designer version as the shape and structure of the bag was too difficult to construct without the use of a commercial sewing machine. My bag is designed for more conventional home sewing machines and employs rather simple handbag making techniques instead.  The look and dimensions are roughly the same, but the shape of mine at the bottom is more square rather than round as on the original. 

As for the main feature, the bow, it looks pretty darn close to the real thing, but once again, is applied to the face of the bag much differently than the original. The bow itself is assembled by machine and applied partly by machine along with some hand sewing to secure it tightly to the bag cover. 

The bag also features one inside pocket big enough for a smartphone, but could easily be adapted to accommodate another pocket. And, for a nice clean look I applied a magnetic closure.