Monday, July 30, 2012

Lights, Camera, Studio!

My sewing studio is finally done! For the first time in all the years I have been sewing - and they are many - I have a dedicated space for sewing. 

Like so many home sewers, I used to set up shop in my dining room when I wanted to sew. But at 5’ 8” tall, the dining room table was neither large enough nor tall enough to prevent an aching back every time I needed to cut fabric. Not to mention, since it was my 'dining room', I would have to pack up all my stuff until the next time I wanted to sew. I'm sure many home sewists can relate to this.

Now retired and both a sewing instructor and blogger, I have a comfortable space that is always ready whenever the passion moves me. I can simply pick up where I left off on whatever project or projects I am working on. Though nothing more than a carved out area in my basement, it has everything I need to sew and I love every inch of it. 

It’s not a finished basement, so the space is a bit rough around the edges – exposed ceiling beams, cement walls, exposed furnace & freezer. But, when coupled with the space’s modern appointments, to me it functions like a studio. A custom made cutting table at a comfortable height and with a grid style cutting mat is the highlight of my space. Made of a melamine covered 1" thick board and adjustable table legs from IKEA, my back no longer suffers every time I sew. Two counter height stools make working at this table a dream and a rolling cart with all my basic sewing supplies provides ready access.

For a fresh, modern backdrop, I made a curtain from material purchased at IKEA in a bright colorful print. It separates my studio space from the rest of the basement area, a.k.a. my laundry room. I have a station set up for my ironing board. And, a wall of storage containers filled with fabric, notions, books and assorted other sewing supplies finishes the space.

It’s both a comfortable and convenient area for me to sew.  And, it works incredibly well for conducting private sewing lessons with clients. Everything I need it there.

I simply love this new space, my sanctuary, really. It now functions as headquarters for my sewing blog, Simply Sewing, and is where I create my projects and plan to film tutorials for the blog.  I just can’t believe I waited this long to create this space


  1. Your sewing space looks awesome! I have a table tucked into the corner of the exercise room in our finished basement.

    I still haven't finished the skirt we made in the Habermann's class, but I'm planning to work on it soon!

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