Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fabric Stash Organization

Wednesday Tip of the Week

If you are anything like me you take advantage of fabric sales. I'm a sucker for them and like to stock up when fabric goes on sale at 50% off. As a sewing instructor I get an additional 15% so when fabric is on sale it's an extremely good buy indeed.

As a consequence, I now have a pretty hefty supply of fabric waiting in bins - that's bins in the plural sense. Yes, I have a lot of fabric. And, clearly I am not alone. Having a stash of fabric is a sewing kind of thing. 

Whenever I buy a piece of fabric, or in this case, pieces of fabric, I make a point of labeling them before I stuff them into there proper bins. I usually mark what kind of fabric it is noting fiber content and care (well, that is if I have remembered to write it done while at the store), when I purchased it, how large a piece it is and the fabric width. To make the task simple, I created a form that I fill out and simply pin to the piece. 

Now when I am perusing through my stash I know immediately what I have to work with. I now longer have to pull out the piece and measure it to see if it will be adequate for the project I have in mind. So simple.