Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to Make Gathered Curtains in 3 parts

My Weekly Blog Post

I have begun a 3 part series on making gathered curtains. It begins with a post on a way to determine gathered fullness. Anytime gathering is involved the fabric being used will ultimately determine how much fullness is needed, or desired. Fullness plays a big role when it comes to making curtains as you need to know how much to account for so you can order the correct amount of fabric. 

The post illustrates a simple method using a yard stick. Here is the link:

This weeks post describes the hardest part of making simple gathered curtains - measuring and calculating. Determining the finished and unfinished curtain dimensions is vital to 1) determining how much material to buy and 2) creating any type of curtain. Once that's done, the actual construction of the curtain is quite easy. Here is the link:

Look for part 3 next week for the easy steps to sewing this simple yet versatile curtain. 


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