Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Burdastyle.com Webinar!

Sheer Management - Strategies & Techniques for Sewing Sheer to Lightweight Fabrics
Monday, June 9th at 2 pm EST

Once again I will be presenting a one hour webinar on Burdastyle.com.  The topic this time is sewing with sheer to lightweight fabrics.  If you have ever tried to sew with these delicate, but beautiful fabrics you know how frustrating and sometimes downright difficult they are to work with. This webinar will clue you into a wide variety of techniques you can employ to better manage and control their often unruly nature. Sewing with them really can be fun!

I will offer numerous ideas for ways to control excess fraying, manage their slippery nature and I have oodles of ways to sew and finish seams, and master rolled hem using these fabrics. Don't miss out, there will be lots to learn.  Sign up at burdastyle.com.  

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